Whirlwind Run

So that was a whirlwind run. From brainstorming, set building techniques in Norfolk to a rather frantic set take-down on Saturday night with many members of many families waiting outside, the whole experience lasted just less than a week.

And what a week. The delicious dinner feasts from the extremely generous Fuller household turned into brief trips to Tesco between workshops and performances where we stocked up on one pound sushi and spicy scotch eggs. NSDF treated us to an amazing lunch in their catered canteen on Friday and then brought us upstairs to their swanky offices to where we had a board meeting. In a room with a whiteboard. We’ve come a long way. The meeting was a very informative, helpful, enlightening and professional (even though Jamal turned up in sports shorts…such an actor…) discussion of Sunday’s Child’s (children’s?) future. Let us just say that we are very excited for the future. That night our performance to a small audience, largely containing Sophie’s friends,  went very well.

Saturday saw us with a morning discussion with the amazing Julia Ford and a great bamboo based workshop with Douglas Rintoul where we had to be connected to a partners fingertips using bamboo and follow or lead them around the room making sure that the bamboo never fell. This was to make use of space while interacting and how a dialogue can be affected  by the spacing and movement between characters.

Most of us had family members attending for our final night and the aforementioned extremely generous Lucy and Julian provided a pre-show reception with champagne and canapés (which it turns out are so much more than spicy wedges and onion rings).

Definitely because of the workshops and perhaps because of the champagne, our final performance felt like one of the best shows we’ve done. It was full of energy and afterwards Eva even said that she could feel the bamboo between her and Elspeth during their dance.

We had plans of going out afterwards but it ended up us doing a round of toasts in Sophie’s little bedroom (minus Soph who was at a hen party) and then people gradually falling asleep. Hildegard, David and Dan were awoken by the returning hen party just in time as they had to catch our bus to Stansted at 4:40am to make their morning flight.

We, the cast and crew of “Kiss Me,” want to thank everyone who supported us for the run and everyone who came to the show. Special thanks as well to the wonderful Fullers. Without them it would not have been possible to put on the show at all. And of course thanks to the NSDF crew and all their invaluable advice and support. We had such a great time.

Here’s to the future!



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