We’re finally in London !

We’re finally in London! It’s been a long couple of days but with great results that have kept everyone’s spirits buoyed. Most importantly for me, the set finally got built after many drawings, debates and a couple of trips to hardware stores. I think it really looks fantastic , though of course having designed it I’m bound to be biased. All that’s really left to do with it is to decide what colour the fridge magnets ought to be and that’s a debate that could split everything in half. I’m in favour of navy to match the set though there currently seem to be more people in the multicoloured camp so we’ll see how that plays out over the hours and days ahead.

The Pleasance has been fantastic so far and it’s lovely to have a few days in the theatre before the show starts. To be honest it’s been a little intimidating on the technical side given how much more equipment there is than I’m used to but I’m slowly getting the hang of it and everything ought to be sorted by this afternoon giving the cast a couple of chance to run through everything ahead of the dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.

Apart from settling into the theatre, and rebuilding the set which had been dismantled to make the journey from Norfolk to London, we’ve been having some great workshops which have been really interesting and it’s been wonderful to get a glimpse of how groups like the RSC work. There’s more to come including a one-on-one technical workshop for me later in the week which is set to be fantastic.

On the less theatrical side of things, everyone has settled nicely into our accommodation. Elspeth, Hildegard and I are staying in New Cross and our hosts have been fantastic which has made everything that much easier. Elspeth and I did have something of a tumultuous journey getting there involving pay phones (they only take credit cards nowadays it seems),  a rogue banana skin and an inordinate number of tube changes along route but it was all worthwhile in the end.

The next couple of days look like they’ll be fantastic as well with opening night quickly approaching which is hugely exciting. It’s now just a matter of knuckling down and doing the work to polish things off and of course to enjoy everything as well because this really is a wonderful opportunity!



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