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We rehearse all the time


We’ve been here over a week now, and we have eased into settled, contented family life, rehearsing, eating copious amounts of Tesco 4p mushy peas (4p i kid you not) playing cards and drinking g &t s. Each day rolls into the next like a theatrical snowball rapidly careering fringeward. My concept of time has diminished, and today feels like yesterday and the day before and tomorrow all in one. So when i realised it was my turn to blog I suddenly began to doubt my ability to recall anything that has happened ever apart from rehearsals, WE REHEARSE ALL THE TIME.

But as luck would have it, I’m only obliged to recount yesterdays events, and when as I was wracking my brains for something blog worthy I realised yesterday as days go, was was actually very eventful.

In the morning we went out for coffee. This was a rare event; we normally never leave the house, I don’t know what came over us. Only Rob and David, Becca, and some Australians were left in the house. In our absence some inspectors came round under the pretence of carrying out a fire safety check (apparently furniture and suitcases blocking every door in the house results in automatic failure). They were from some government organisation called H M O (which i think sounds too like H&M to be taken seriously) Houses of Mulitple Occupancy, and wanted to know how many hundreds of bodies we were illegally housing. We think the disgruntled flower shop below us reported us for forming a theatrical commune above their shop and making their floral chandeliers shake.

In the afternoon I did a radio interview for the culture show on 2XM. Being on the radio is a bit stressful cos I say ‘like’ all the time, and when i try not to say like I get all flustered and say like. And it’s also really hard to promote the play, and talk about how groundbreakingly brilliant it’s going to be, and how talented our team is, and how what we have here at Sunday’s Child Theatre, is so unique and bursting with potential that sometimes we just break into spontaneous song, without sounding pretentious.

Later we rehearsed. WE REHEARSE ALL THE TIME. Rob and Dans love hate scene is getting more intense every day. Watch out front row audience members; there’s passion, kissing, sweat, blood and tears coming your way.

Then we went lounging in the sun Prince’s Street gardens, where we entertained ourselves playing intricate games involving empty hummous tubs. Later we played cards. I am not a cards fan, I don’t care if I lose, and if I win its always by accident, and I always infuriate others with my ignorance and indifference, and leave the table just when things are getting SO GOOD (or so the others always tell me). But cards last night was fun because Elsepth taught us a hilarious horse racing card game, with the William Tell Overture as the soundtrack. Then Rob had a bath and we hit the town (by that i mean, walked about 3 minutes up the road to the nearest night club) and owned the dance floor for the night. I wore my gold disco ball glittery jacket and soph wore her Tiger leggings, so it was always going to be a good night. Me and Elspeth seized the opportunity to practice our dance, and it was all going swimmingly until she crashed (very gracefully) into a pillar. On the way home Elspeth made unique and intriguing dinosaur noises.

This morning rehearsals were focused and excellent.


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