From the Graveyard

The wrong trousers

Today I accidentally wore Elspeth’s trousers. I had mistaken them for dead dutch’s girls clothes [see previous blog entry for explaination] and therefore had been parading about in them all day and it wasn’t until Elspeth overhears me saying how well these ‘free’ trousers fit that she kindly informs me that they are in fact hers – whoops.

Apparently after breast augmentation, vaginal reconstruction is the most common plastic surgery. This is the reason for my second trouser faux pas. It involved me embarrassingly baring all in an attempt to make the whole cast feel more at ease – but there is no shame in theatre and i reckoned it worked. At least we had a good laugh about it afterwards.

To end our day of rehearsals we decided to watch the sunset from my favourite bit of graveyard wall, where you can sit with your legs dangling over Waverley Station and slowly watch the sky fade, afterwards we went to welcome the final member of our team and as Dan’s neatly put, “it’s good to be here”. I definitely think we all agree. Now the kissing will truly begin.

And to end this entry, another profound quote from the beautiful Eva O’Connor (she’s brimming with them) “You can twist the truth on the streets but not on the stage” she’s oh- so ghetto.


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