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The Traverse Fifty

Fortunately for me, Eva was called to the exotic land of London so I had to (unreluctantly) go to the premiere of her 500 word play as part of the Traverse 50.

If theatre was described through food, which fortunately it isn’t, then I would describe seeing the 50 Plays for Edinburgh at the Traverse as a fruit and veggie packed smoothie fired at the audience via a power hose! Fresh off the press the 50 plays were swiftly acted out one by one, craftily adapted by the in-house Traverse team. The night was filled with humor, sadness and the avant-garde. There were many mentions of trams rattling past and vehicles on cobbles that reminded us of the play’s stimulus;:
Edinburgh. Within this city stimulus the playwright’s created the weird (tadpole babies), the wonderful (a raven following a man absolutely everywhere) and the ugly (the public triangle!). It also showed the true power of words in theatre, how so little can suggest so much.

To see so much talent in one place is like a filtered version of the fringe festival, only the best. There is also much skill needed to encompass a mood and effect an audience in only 500 words! But in my opinion nearly all of them succeeded. It just got me excited to see what these 50 playwrights will get up to having received the wisdom of the experienced bunch at the Traverse.

Although I do not know whether or not they broke the world record for the most plays in the shortest amount of time but they definitely achieved something beautiful and inspiring.

Happy 50th Birthday Traverse!

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