My Name is Saoirse, Edinburgh

Remotegoat (4 stars)

“A charming little piece” – read the full review here.

Substance at Summerhall, Edinburgh

The Student (5 stars)

“Insightful and written with wit and heart, this play is engrossing as the high quality of acting draws one in with unabashed intensity.”


Reviews from our previous productions of  Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am:

Irish Theatre Magazine

“A valiant and honest play that is eloquent in its language, visually striking, and utterly fascinating.”

Read the full review here.


Fringe Review (5 stars)

“Shakespeare would have been proud of their economy, selectivity and love of the lexicon!”

See the full review here.


The Public Reviews (4.5 stars)

“There is something infectious about Sunday’s Child. They are a young company who demand attention. One can feel the passion, belief and commitment they have to their work.”

See the full review here.


Remote Goat (4 stars)

“A razor raw show from a young company bursting with genuine talent. I saw a woman in tears as I left, and I could see why.”

See the full review here.


Broadway Baby (4 stars)

“The writing is blackly superb, the direction smart, and the acting outstanding.”

See the full review here.


StageWon (4 stars)

“An intelligent, fresh look at an issue which has been discussed widely but rarely gets an honest hearing. Featuring a stand-out performance from O’Connor”

See the full review here.


“What sets this play apart from other similarly themed work is the way that it is able to take the subject of adolescent depression seriously, whilst also acknowledging the baggage of self indulgence that often accompanies it. The pieces examines how depression is often clung to as a mark of individuality.”

See the full review here.

Tychy Reviews

” It should be embarrassing, but the play is exhilarating in its awkwardness, in its insistence upon taking complete ownership of the stage.”

See the full review here.