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Talking to strangers ain’t so bad.

Edinburgh is pretty far from New York. In fact, if you’re like me and travel in the absolute cheapest ways you can, it’s really, really far. Really. That being said no matter how many connecting flights you are willing to make, even if those connections bring you to Dublin first, never book two flights 8 hours apart from each other if you can manage it. Dublin airport is nice, but I didn’t need 8 hours to take in the scenery.

But, honestly, travelling wasn’t that bad. It gives you an excuse to talk to people and a solid reason to get extra excited in comparison to how shitty you feel. Because of this strange headspace, I started talking to another person going to the Fringe, and gushing about my excitement to see “Kiss Me,” and Rob, and Rob in “Kiss Me,” though of course I stressed the full title.- Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am.

I thought nothing of it when Rob picked me up from the airport, as I was already exhausted and elated (check out that alliteration). As we made our way to the Airlink Airport express bus, the first thing he hears is that same person talking about “Kiss Me” on the phone! If I said it didn’t catch both of us off guard, I’d be lying. Needless to say, it’s amazing what talking to strangers can do (stranger danger, ha!).

When we finally got back, I got to meet all of the lovely people in this company. Having read the script awhile back, I was incredibly excited to see everything come to life, and when it finally came show time, everyone seriously had me holding my breath from how intensely they handled intensity. I was honored to watch it, and still am.

Of course, this beginning made flyering and eventually writing this blog post easier, as all I want to do is talk endlessly about how much this play actually has to give. I have a lot to say, so hopefully some strangers will listen.


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