Winners of NSDF Best Emerging Artists Award 2012

Stamina not Speed

As the Fringe Festival draws to a close, and Edinburgh’s bizarre heatwave is slowly changing back to grey misery I think it’s time to reflect.

As you can probably tell by the dwindling number of posts on our blog, this year’s stint at the Fringe has been as busy as ever. We’ve had to re-order flyers, everyone’s ill and/or injured and I swear even the visitors are beginning to tire out! It made me realise how much of a marathon it is especially when you decide to do a 25 night run without a single day off! Every year we say never again (to no days off) but when it comes round again you’ve completely forgotten the daily stress of running a show here. I suppose it’s a bit like giving birth to a child you go through serious pain but the result is so amazing and beautiful that you totally get over it and you just reread some of your epic reviews and remember what audience members said to you and it makes it all totally worth it!

I’m very humbled to have seen lots of amazing theatre although there’s always more to see and I can’t wait to take on some of the inspiration others have given me into our next projects. Everyone at Sunday’s Child is also very excited to have won NSDF’s Emerging Artist Award after a last minute application we were ecstatic just to be shortlisted but when our names were announced everyone was rendered speechless. I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate my cast and crew on all their hard work – you guys are amazing! We are so excited to be performing at the Pleasance Theatre in London and to take part in workshops with those who we aspire to be like one day. It’s also the perfect boost for a lagging cast and crew and will energise us for our last 3 performances.



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