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DSCF1056Making a play is one thing, trying to get the public to see your intention before the play is even finished is something else.

That’s where the beauty of film comes in. It’s easy accessible and through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and youtube anyone can watch it. People can even watch them on their phones if they’re not still stuck in the 90s with their precious Nokia – but I’m pretty sure that nowadays that only applies to my grandparents and my flatmate Ada.

When putting a promo film together I try and think of the essence of Sunday’s Child but also the themes in the play. Sunday’s Child is about conveying emotions through movement and music within theatre. Therefore I definitely wanted to include that. Substance is all about the characters and their personal relationship with drugs as well as each other. But most importantly of all, it needed to include flour, self-raising, plain or good old white, I don’t mind the type just give the cast lots and lots of it!! And with that a video is born. I hope you all enjoy and we look forward to showing you all the play in March.

Watch the video below

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