Seaside Adventures

Being in the full swing of rehearsal mania I sometimes forget about my pre-fringe life; that we havent always been a happy family of seven, that this same hour of dialogue is not a regular staple in my daily routine, that I dont usually go on a missions to find suitable public spaces in which to dance.

That this is not in fact real life and that most people dont have FRINGEFRINGEFRINGEFINGE running through their minds 24/7.

I expected last nights Olympic opening to be a retouch with reality. Anyone who watched it will know that it was anything but. It was awesome anyways and the whole family snuggled up in my bed to watch it, minus rob. He said something about hating the patriotism or sports or snuggling or us.

We went to the seaside today and were joined by Alice, the famous Sundays Child forehead. The adventure was briefly halted by the rain but there were no complaints as we were passing a pub at that moment. We stopped inside for hot chocolates and a super speedy script busting session but the unstoppable Sundays Child were out braving the elements once again in no time. Once the rain had cleared up we could appreciate the lovely, rugged landscape and seeing up close the sea that had been teasing me from a distance since my arrival in Edinburgh.

We followed the pathway out to Cramond Island, which is only accessible at low tide. Dan and I reckoned the water looked pretty inviting and were inspired to go for a swim in true Olympic spirit. It turned out there was a couple of feet of brown sludge lurking below us.. Still though, it didn’t stop us from splashing around for a good half an hour.

We practised our butterfly stroke. Even though I could only manage four strokes before getting our of breath I assumed it would impress the others who were watching from ashore. I was mistaken. Eva later informed me that our flailing looked like drowning and Sophie reckoned we looked like whales. We spotted some fun things along our travels including some bricks,. a sauce pan we used as protection from the rain, a skeleton that we concluded could have only have been the remains of a velociraptor and we also spotted a determined looking Spanish family picnicing in the torrential rain on our return.. On our way back to the bus we conveniently found ourselves outside the pub as the rain started again. Oops.

Rehearsals again tonight.

Tomorrow we our splitting up to paint the town pink and green with our Kiss Me posters. We have decided to inject a little bit o healthy competition and Sophie has promised a chocolate bar to whoever puts up the most posters. Go team Dan and Elspeth!

Elspeth x

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