The Fringe Festival Tally

Performances: 25

Days living together: 43

Posters posted: 500

Flyers handed out: 12,000

Stars earnt: 35.5

Lips gob-smacked: 100+

Injuries: 4

Hangovers: (always) too many

Shows seen: at least 100

Birthday’s celebrated: 2 (1 was fictional)

Mattresses found: 1

Prizes won: 1


I can honestly say that I’m already excited for August 2013!


On another note:

In our review by Broadway Baby, Jon Stapley described Kiss Me as “It’s not perfect (what is?)”. This got me to thinking… Can a piece of theatre ever be perfect when life itself is not? The only real reality of performing on stage is that there is a person(s) standing in front another person(s), this also suggests that almost everything can be perceived as theatre, however since real people often act out of character and not as you would always expect surely characters within a play won’t always do as you, the audience, will want them to. People do nasty and stupid things all the time and if we know them often we’re sympathetic to that but since you don’t know the characters within a play then it is far more difficult for the audience to understand their actions often leading to mistrust and therefore a lack of perfection. We at Sunday’s Child like imperfect characters, we like imperfect situations, we create pieces about social mess and emotional chaos and trying and get the audience to perceive that. We don’t strive for perfection because it is nigh impossible (especially when theatre is mainly about opinions). What we do want is to make the audience think, let them reflect what is happening on stage upon their real lives and to be entertained and immersed.

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