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One Year On


What a difference a year makes, eh?

This time a year ago I was huddled on a doorstep in Broughton hoping that someone from Sunday’s Child would let me into their apartment, hoping that there was actually a show being put together and that I wasn’t actually here as part of some odd rouse. Almost a year to the day later I found myself on a doorstep in Lauriston, blue ink spewing from an unknown source onto my jeans and once again hoping that someone would open the door and let me in. Luckily Sophie did and we began the journey of putting on yet another production at Edinburgh Fringe.

It may only have been a year ago that we began work on Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am but it feels like a lifetime ago.  Since those hesitant first steps in our rehearsal room (really a cramped sitting room) above a florists (who didn’t really share our passion for the arts) when I didn’t really know all that much about the company, times have moved on and we’ve performed the show almost 40 times to critical acclaim across 3 cities. To tell the truth I don’t think any of us fully expected that Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am would lead to as much success and as many opportunities as it has. I took it on as a fun project to occupy a few weeks and low and behold a year later we’re all here again for another few weeks of sleepless night, endless hours flyering on the Mile, and putting on the odd show or two along the way as well.

An awful lot has changed in the past year as we’ve all worked on individual projects as well as continuing to tour Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am and walking through Edinburgh, the notion of change seemed to be lurking around every corner; the tramlines were nearly complete, mushy peas had increased in price by 400%, and I was going to meet an entirely new cast to work on a new show.  Everything was going to be different, wasn’t it…

However as I sat down in the kitchen in Lauriston all the worries about change were laid to rest. Of course this year is going to be different to the last but change is ultimately a good thing. I mean for one thing we’ll no longer all be sharing a single bedroom so that’s a good change at least! More importantly though the changes are going to breathe new life into the company and allow us to continue to grow and build on last year’s work. Besides it’s not like we’ve turned our backs on the past, Hildegard and Elspeth will be coming over in the coming days. There’s been a real sense of excitement today as we sat down and thrashed out our ideas for the show and I for one can’t wait to get stuck into rehearsals properly and have another great year.

As I stepped out of Edinburgh airport this morning I was greeted signs saying “Welcome to Edinburgh” and “This is Home” and it really made me realize just how much has changed. A year ago all this was new and quite frankly a little bewildering and now a year on this all feels so natural and that’s what makes this year so exciting. This year we have a chance to put everything we’ve learnt over the years into practice and make something really special and I for one can’t wait!


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