Never mind Batman, Robin is hot.

Our lovely techie David Doyle turned up on our doorstep today. It’s always fun acquiring a new member of crew. The general procedure is that we welcome them provisionally into our Edinburgh crib, offer them a casual cup of tea, and interrogate them. If they seem incompetent or dull, then we make up some lame excuse about lack of space. ‘We have a lot of temperamental laundry that won’t dry unless it has a master bedroom to itself’. I’m happy to announce that David the tech made the cut. Turns out not only is he good with lighting plans, he also has an insane 700 followers on Twitter ( I mean it’s insanely impressive that that many people follow him, not that all his followers are mental). We are planning to use and abuse his Twitter skills to take over the world. This morning i caught Hildegard in the act of googling ‘ how to force people to follow you on Twitter’ so hopefully he can help her out with that one.

Ever since Elspeth graced us with her presence, she has morphed Sunday’s Child into a hardcore physical theatre troop. During an intense choreography sesh we ran out of floor space on which to bust moves, so we relocated to the foyer of the OmniCentre across the road. After two brief but wonderful minutes of flinging ourselves across the shiny cinema lobby floor we got moved on by bored security men who then proceeded to follow us around pointing out potential locations where we could ‘dance aweee’. They then watched us out windows for the next ten minutes like happy, dance loving vultures in luminous vests.

Later we engaged in our first extra curricular activity of the Fringe and went to see Batman. My main impressions of the film were that Robin was hot, the Batmobile was the most un-aerodynamic thing I have ever seen fly ( it looked like a giant binoculars whizzing through icy Gotham) Morgan Freeman stars in every film I have ever seen, ever, Alfred the butler has lovely, appealing, watery, old-man eyes and all in all the film was pretty sleep inducing.

Now we are waiting up like excited children at Christmas for Sophie, the director of the world, to arrive. She is on a delayed train from London, with no battery on her Blackberry ( yet again the fancy phones FAIL, I don’t know why we didn’t all stick with Nokia 33.10s).

‘Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am’  is very exciting thus far. The dancing is epic ( there was some serious physical violence going on between Rob and Elspeth this evening) the vibes are great, we bought black lipstick today for publicity purposes, and Soph the whipcracker is almost here. We are still missing Daniel the firebreather. Once he arrives on Sunday we will be a proper family.

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