Picture of Eva and Umbrella from the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

I swear to you, I do actually exist

Picture of Eva and Umbrella from the Royal Mile, EdinburghBeing such a late arrival I naturally had some overthought nervous preconceptions of what my actual arrival would be like. Have they all bonded so much already over script readings and groovy dances that I won’t be able to break into their fringe family? Will everybody involved be intimidatingly talented/handsome/both? Would Eva regret having invited me because I am surprisingly inept at carrying things? Oh no. None of those fears were realised. Instead I was greeted with a much more comforting reaction…
…they thought I wasn’t real….

“Oh so you are a person”. Why hello to you too! It was also my birthday which made it even more bizarre. But I can’t tell you enough how I felt instantly welcome into this mad prop-cluttered and paint-splattered apartment in the strange city of Edinburgh. I was greeted with smiles from friends old and new and got paired up with my ‘stage manager’ (spare set of hands) co-worker Lorna, making some kind of L-Team. We’ll have the logo up on the blog soon.

And then everything was ready to go. Marching up the mile to our venue with props in my arms and surrounded by the other companymembers I was excited to see the full dress rehearsal. Needless to say after all their hard work and dedication in my absence they have put together a really special show and I’m just so glad to be a part of it all. I carry the armchair up the stairs to the stage. I hold my head high. Beforehand I had been thinking to myself that it was kinda crappy that I wouldn’t be with all my friends on my 21st birthday doing my usual routine of drinking myself silly. But when all of us here at Sunday’s Child sat around drinking gin and Irn-Bru and discussing if we would rather have a penis for a nose or vaginas for eyebrows it felt right because in the end I was surrounded with friends.


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