Eva walking through corridor of graffiti

Hello 2013

Eva walking through corridor of graffiti

So it is a new year and it is filled with new beginnings.

It is also when everyone at Sunday’s Child begins to think about what projects lie ahead of us theatre based or otherwise. We’ve already had some great news, Eva has been selected as one of Traverse Fifty! We also have to start thinking about the Fringe – i know, already! But with a few experimental things bubbling under our belts we have to start putting plans into action.

Anyway just want to share a quote about a certain art form that I discovered that I really love…

“Figures are the acts of this stylistic metamorphosis of space. Or rather, as Rilke puts it, they are moving “trees of gestures”. They move even the rigid and contrived territories of the medico-pedagogical institute in which retarded children find a place to play and dance their “spatial stories”. These “trees of gestures” are in movement everywhere. Their forests walk through the streets. They transform the scene, but they cannot be fixed in a certain place by images. If in spite of that an illustration were required, we could mention the fleeting images, yellowish-green and metallic blue calligraphies that howl without raising their voices and emblazon themselves on the subterranean passages of the city, “embroideries” composed of letters and numbers, perfect gestures of violence painted with a pistol, Shivas made of written characters, dancing graphics whose fleeting apparitions are accompanied by the rumble of subway trains: New York graffiti.”

Walking in the City

Michael De Certeau

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