A Mattress and Gin - What more could you want?!?



We’ve just reached the halfway point in the run and things have really picked up. Positive reviews are flooding in including a five star review from Fringe Review and a four and a half star one from the Public Reviews. It seems as well that audiences are really responding to the reviews with an increasingly busy house each and every night which makes the soul destroying daily routine of handing out flyers that little bit easier.


Given that it’s the halfway point I thought it was only fair to reflect a little on the Fringe itself so far. For many companies the Fringe offers a great opportunity to learn and so here’s ten things that I’ve learnt so far this Fringe.


  • Edinburgh is occasionally sunny. In fact the heat has been so intense that I’d quite happily welcome a cool day . At the moment that heat in both the tech box, theatre and the bedroom is reaching an unbearable level.
  • If you carry a double mattress across the city people will make a joke about jumping on it every three seconds and not one of them will be funny.
  • Anthony Rapp is probably stalking me (I’ve now seen him in three places around the city)  and I’m totally okay with that.
  • I can still do the lights for a show when I’m completely out of it on prescription medication.
  • I can do five pull-ups. This is still pretty pathetic but considering I could only do one two days ago it’s a pretty good improvement.
  • If you wear a t-shirt that says “Kiss Me” on it people will kiss you. They will be an even mix of men and women.
  • You can fit 12 people sleeping into one room though it won’t be particularly comfortable and you may end up sleeping on a fireplace.
  • Gimmicks on the Mile are all well and good but simply having a great show is the most important. The Economist and A Clockwork Orange are prime examples.
  • Awful comedy is by far the most awkward thing in the world and genuinely painful to sit through. Give me some bad theatre over comedy any day of the week.
  • The Fringe takes over your life completely. To be honest I can’t even remember life before the Fringe.





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