Fringe Survival Guide

Enjoy every second.
Don’t waste your time on the tourists, they will listen intently to your  pitch and then say’ no comprenday’
Illegal fly posting will not be prosecuted
Never pass up the opportunity to see a show, even if the cosy  theatre might be the death (or at least sleep) of you
Be brave
Unwind in shit comedy shows
Reviews mean nothing, read them for light entertainment, and staple like theres no tomorrow.
Go out every night,  dance till you drop, and die a little bit on the  Royal Mile the next day.
Have faith

Feel the rain on your skin, and keep smiling (or lying dead)
Repeat the same lines every night for a month, and feel something different ever time.                                             Ingest copious amounts of Tesco food and energy drinks                                                                                                   No one stands out;embrace being normal amongst freaks                                                                                                   Go forth and flyer                                                                                                                                                                             Every night you take to the stage consider yourself lucky, this is a privilegE




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