Photo courtesy of Timothy Stubbs Hughes.

Flammable Flour

Photo courtesy of Timothy Stubbs Hughes.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Stubbs Hughes/Photography Not Only

Creating theatre definitely teaches you a lot of things. You learn how to time manage, especially when you’re also doing your final year at university. You learn how to budget, being a student you think anything more than £2.50 for a beer is a rip off so there’s no way we’re paying the earth for something that isn’t essential. You also learn a whole host of random things that you never thought would be useful ever!

What we learnt putting Substance on at Summerhall is that flour is in fact flammable. When suspended in the air it is even explosive… So after our dress run when we had thrown roughly 13.5kgs of flour around and Venice asks “isn’t flour flammable?” we began to worry. After clearing up the mess and watching “custard factory explosion” videos on youtube we decided it was definitely not worth the risk. Changing our substance to sugar an hour before the first performance was definitely the right decision.

Afterwards when talking to the audience we realised that there are a lot more connotations about sugar and drugs rather than flour. You can get a sugar high and sugar is a substance we encounter on a more frequent basis and it highlights any movement by crunching underfoot when spread across the floor.

Next challenge: how do we throw 13.5kgs of sugar in the Fringe Festival and still manage to clear it all up in out 10 minute get-out! Definitely going to be a bit mad but we’ll think of something, fortunately we always do. Then we’ll know some more random facts that we’ll share with you :) most likely about sugar, fold away sets and there was even talk of using tent poles…

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