Fake blood

Fake Blood

It seems that my turn has rolled around again on the wheel of blogtune. And I’ve won big, since today I actually managed to snag myself a nap. I’m not boasting or anything, even if it was one of those truly great naps. If anything I actually feel a bit guilty, considering the others were being genuine heroines and heroes. Storms regardless, they braved the hills to retireve all sorts of posters (which look amazing), bank missions and vegetables.

Yesterday we rehearsed intensely for a bit, then a bit more, and then a bit more. And then we hit the park… to intensely rehearse. Much to the enjoyment of the onlooking tourists. OK so we did also find the time for cartwheel competitions and rolling down hills, as well as the inevitable family rice. Delicious.

So it hasn’t all  been snoozing. Plus this morning started with intense rehearsals (is there any other kind?) in which we tried out the fake blood on Dan, before the sandman assaulted me. Oh and we’ve now got some incredible cast photos and publicity shots. Those coming soon.

For now there are whispers of rehearsing on the beach tomorrow. Hopefully a thunderstorm will strike. Make it a bit more intense, y’know.


‘Til we next meet.

Viking Ship Captain Rob

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