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Edinburgh 2012

We are heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

And we can’t wait.

We are taking ‘Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am” to C Aqilia (venue 21) from 2-27 August at 20:50.

“We love performing there. It’s such a great platform to meet new people, make contacts and see lots of good (and bad) shows”

It’s the best buzz ever, such a unique platform for showing what you’re made of, an adrenaline rush, endurance test, a month of good craic, and as we study there so accommodation is easy to find.

We want this show to be is bold and daring and also very genuine. It’s going to be exploratory and experimental. We want to try out new things and push the boundaries of our creative ideas.

We think it has the potential to be mad, brilliant and and quite complex: like there is more too it than our previous projects, just as there is more to our lives and our personalities.

It’s an expression of who we are and what we feel.

We begin with a blank slate. There, anything is possible. We aim to do this Sunday’s Child style. With questions and excitement. For a moment with Eva studying in Berlin this year we thought it wouldn’t happen – but now it is any we can’t wait.

“Then we read a quote from Sylvia Plath. And thought that Ted Hughes might be to blame. Then we started dancing”

And to think that Sunday’s Child started with Eva riding on the handle bars of Sophie’s bike.

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