clinical lies 2



Clinical Lies is an emotionally-charged exploration of the turmoil of youth. A fragile 19-year-old girl offers a frank, witty and harrowing insight into teenage life, as she battles against her mother and her circumstances. As Amy waits to be seen by a doctor, she resolves that she will not be diagnosed, tampered with or ‘cured’. In a world based on lies and disillusionment, she faces her teenage crisis with a steely determination.

Performed at:

Bedlam Theatre Edinburgh 2010

The Mill Theatre Dublin, 2010

The Space Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010


The Scotsman

“ [O’Connor’s] performance and written dialogue demonstrate some of the uncooked, attention-snatching naivety of youth, she has more than enough natural talent to carry the piece.”

Broadway Baby

“O’Connor performs her self-penned, often sparkling script with spunkiness and wry humour.”

Le Cool Magazine Dublin

“this new play by Eva O’ Connor packs a sucker-punch that sets it apart from the dearth of sub-Skins fare… [Eva] is captivating as the teenage protagonist”

Teen Theatre

“Something in the way this was performed made her anger seem silent, deadly and somehow more powerful.”