Chilly Rehearsals

DSCF1165After being away from the blogosphere for a little while we’re back to report some exciting anecdotes about our recent lives.

Last night we saw Bitch Boxer and Chapel Street at the Traverse, two piece by really exciting young theatre companies. It was really inspiring to see new companies doing so well for themselves and we left the theatre feeling fired up and ready to tackle the final stages of rehearsals for Substance.

We spent the majority of our Friday in rehearsals for our new production ‘Substance’ opening next week. Rehearsals began in Summerhall in the Dissection Lecture Theatre where the production will  be performed. It’s a really unusual space and it was good to get a feel for the stage and to have an opportunity to mark positions for the performance. Fred also had lots of fun writing obsenities on the blackboard.

We then went on to purchase some particular manky tracksuit bottoms for John to wear as Mikey and then to buy 6 kilograms of flour and a scratch card – we nearly won £1,000! Then onto the windy and cold Meadows to rehearse the scene dubbed ‘the flour scene’ much to the amusement of many people studying in the library. It mainly involves throwing flour at one another to loud counting.

Then back home to warm up and change out of our floury clothes. Eva then had a quick interview with The New Reekie so look out for that in the coming days. You can buy tickets for the Substance now by clicking here.

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