Extreme weather warning

Cabin Fever

someone standing in a door way, in rain proof clothing

The rain gear necessary for anyone brave enough to leave the house today

First day in the apartment as a fringe noob complete. And what a beauty it was. Although the rain may be pouring and we are a few members short of a full cast, meeting Eva, Hildegard and Rob and the one run through of the script we did has left me feeling all glowy (also aided by the giant bucket of pretzels and warming chai tea that greeted me) and totally psyched by the prospect of all the work, performance and the general good times that awaits us. Having seen that our rehearsal space is not only situated in the apartment but is in fact our living room/communal area, it dawns on me just how much time we are going to spend in this space. Jokes of cabin fever were being thrown around within an hour of my arrival. I laughed nervously. I am in fact writing this blog alone in my room in order to get some precious breathing space. I can hear someone ask ”Where’s Elspeth??”. Must. Escape. No I kid, I love it here really. And the people. They are lovely too. Ok enough blog slave driving, time to rejoin the others. I swear we’re doing more script work and not watching a film. Well I suppose we could pass that off as vital cast bonding time right? Elspeth

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