Bouncing off the walls

two people trampolining in a garden in Edinburgh

A first full day in Edinburgh is usually a chance to really reflect.

Strip naked, stare in the mirror and think “Oh god not again! I promised myself I wouldn’t come back after last time. I can still hear the screams.” and this time is no different.

Except obviously it is. And anyway, the whole cast are yet to assemble, so today was mostly consumed with line learning. I never know if the way I do it is weird – picture two fat mugs of coffee, my headphones in and a large bowl of my MagicOats™ coupled with a book full of doodles, and you’ve got the general idea.

Whatever works, works, I guess.

So after getting sufficinetly caffeinated, we managed to get our stuff together and move house. Not before some trampolining. Obviously.

The new place is amazing, and finally home. Getting here proved its own escapade as just as our taxi was trundling away we received a frantic phone call from Alice. “You’ve forgotten the keys! and Eva’s Purse! And her phone! And bag!” Only the least essential things, then.

Thankfully we made it, broke a bottle of wine, dumped the bags and ate a delicious (if a bit watery) stir fry. So here we are listening to

Alt-J and unpacking. Tomorrow we welcome another cast member and can begin rehearsals in earnest. It’s good to be home.

Robert Neumark Jones

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