Production still from "Rob Gets a Haircut," feature film coming soon

Cutting shapes

Production still from “Rob Gets a Haircut,” coming soon from Sunday’s Child

Today saw me pull my immense hairdressing skills out of the bag to the delight of all, especially Rob, my first happy and trusting customer. I think the picture says it all. There were a few brief snags due to the dubious quality of my “Hairdressers Kit” (purchased in Poundworld, for, well, a pound, ) but it’s a poor tradesman who blames his tools. All in all Rob’s hair looks great, and fair play to him for not flinching when I whipped out the electric razor.

After dinner we realised with excitement that our new wardrobe, aka The Dead Dutch Girl’s clothes were almost dry enough to wear since their hygene wash.  To explain the Dead Dutch Girl’s Clothes: yesterday a troop of firemen called at our door and explained that if the two big bags of rubbish in the hallway of our building weren’t removed in 24 hours, our building would be fined £200. Although we don’t even live here, we decided to be good samaritans and take the stuff out to the bins. Our charity was rewarded, because on opening the huge bags, we found they were full of dutch fashion magazines, and loads of  perfectly passable clothes. We all dove in and started reclaiming the best bits for ourselves, but the good quality and sheer volume and  of the gear, plus the moths and what Rob called the “smell of death” coming out of the bags, made us suddenly think- were these a dead girl’s clothes we were rooting through? A grim thought.

Needless to say, it didn’t stop us thrifting. Current house favorite is the bizarre  mushroom t-shirt. Eva Elspeth and I reckon it’s meant to be a  mushroom doing a poo (????), but Rob thinks it looks like a penis.

Elspeth started to correograph the dance scene for Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am today. She is studying dance in the United Kingdom and you can tell from the way she moves and  carries herself that she’s an absolute professional. Rob and I sat in and watched her and Eva rehearsing the dance and were genuinely blown away. It’s going to be stunning! Can’t wait to see more of it.

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