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10 Reasons to see ‘Kiss Me…”

Here are some reasons why you should see “Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am” at this years’ Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

1. The play was written on a beach in Brazil
2. Its a dark and unhinged piece so you will leave the theatre feeling all light and normal afterwards.
3. You will never forget it – and this may comfort you in your old age when you have Alzheimers and can’t remember anything, except our play
4. The dancing in it will blow your mind
5. You might be a little bit offended. But everyone likes to have their spikes bristled occasionally
6. Wine is consumed during the play. We might share it with the audience at the end if you clap lots
7. Its Sunday’s Childs most ambitious work to date
8. Its features the ghost of Sylvia Plath
9 . It contains violence
10. Its the first ever run of the play so it will be deliciously raw

We know you now want to book tickets

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